Monday, May 22, 2006

Tracing your roots

I have never been particularly inspired to do this in the past but recently felt an urge to know some more about my family history. I think it is because as my parents get older I am realising that as time moves on the 'story' of our family shifts and if we're not careful bits disappear. My dad and aunt told me some things about their parents and grandparents and I have used this as a starting place for my research.

I did a bit of delving into census records but didn't get very far - until my friend Bev had a go for me and uncovered another few generations. (thanks Bev). We are now back to 1826 - and instead of thinking my roots were firmly in Birmingham I find that some of my ancestors came from London.

It is really weird finding out the family names which have long been forgotten - might have had some influence on the naming of my own children had I known - although the youngest is named after his great grandfather.

On my mother's side I have loads of nameless photos - relatives I guess - but we have no idea who they are. I find this a mixture of intriguing and spooky. It has inspired me to make more effort to mark my own photo's, as although it is rather tedious to do, I think in generations to come they may well be poring over them and wondering who the children on the old fashioned roller coaster were.

This photo is of my grandmother in the 1920's.


Sue said...

Your grandmother looks so cool - her pose is so modern.

painting partner said...

Love the picture.

Becareful, It become addictive .

so speaks one who knows lol :)