Sunday, May 28, 2006

Faking it

At this time of year when more bits of me become uncovered I contemplate whether I should stay pale and interesting or slap on the fake tan. Usually the fake tan route wins - and I end up pale and streaky. I never seem to learn how to do it.
This morning I tried again. Started with a bath and a rub down with rough cloth (my version of exfoliating) followed by careful application of self-tan cream. Even as I was doing this, at the back of my mind I was thinking I had heard something about tanning cream going off after 6 months - mine was over a year old.
What to do - already done one leg - will old cream a) do nothing b) go green or orange c) bring me out in a rash - or worse.
I briefly contemplated the situation and decided that whatever happended it may look better if both legs matched. So I went on with leg 2. As I write this nothing has happended - yet - going out this afternoon so may need to wear long trousers!

A few years ago a friend at work went off to a salon to be tanned all over for a special summer wedding. Whilst she was gone I changed her screen saver to read "You've been tangoed". Unfortunately she came in before me the next day - looking extremely orange and not too amused at my little joke...


kate said...

lol... it reminds me of my 'why not to wear a bikini post' (that was about waxing... ugggggg)!!!!

I hate self tanners and curse them every year... that would be AS I am using them because that is the lesser of the evils... if I didnt use it I would look like a ghost in a bathing suit in the beginning of the season! lol

cheers! Kate

Anonymous said...

"rub down with rough cloth" arrrrrh

Mof2 said...

Kate: I am only contemplating waxing - think this year I may be brave enough. Happy to report the legs looked fine - lovely tan - lasted at least 2 days!!