Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's only a game

Just been to play badminton. Tom suggested it yesterday and as I am on a get fit campaign I thought it sounded like a good idea. Hadn't played for a while but no reason not to have another go. So I booked the court and we set off this afternoon for an hours healthy exercise.

The two of us arrived at the courts ready to do battle - in a friendly mother vs son sort of way. We played a game (of sorts) and he won - but only just - it was very close honestly - although he spoilt it at the end by saying he had let me catch up. I tried to counter this by saying I had let him win - but he had seen how I play and just howled at the suggestion.

There were 4 champs on the court next door - in fact two did have on tracksuits which said they played in the English Open. Found this all a bit off putting. They were far too energetic. I preferred my gentle approach to the game. In fact I found it very good all round exercise - especially all that bending down to pick up the shuttle-cock.

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Sue said...

Hey, that's great. A bit of mother/son bonding and you letting him think he got the better of you, that's worth a few extra calories surely - or, doesn't it work like that?