Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another hair-raising experience

Yesterday my son decided he wanted to have his hair cut. He has quite long hair - which he is very protective of - so any request for a hair cut must be acted upon immediately.

He really wanted me to do it - but I have had mixed results in the past with my amateur hacking - his hair is very straight and doesn't take too kindly with my haphazard chopping technique.

His reluctance to go to a professional is because we've had some difficulty making sure that his specific wishes are carried out to the letter. One local barber is now definitely a no-go zone as far as Tom is concerned. They seem to be able to do one cut - and it isn't the one he wants! He finds their technique of haircutting whilst watching the television a bit off putting as well. Fussy boy!

Anyway - not being organised (or is it telepathic) I hadn't booked him for an appointment anywhere so we decided to go into town and take pot luck at a "No appointment Necessary" place.

Arriving at the first one, we joined two other women in the reception area. We sat down and started browsing through some magazines and chatting. I don't know why, but after 10 minutes of waiting I decided to ask the woman next to me whether we were doing the right thing by just sitting there - was I likely to be in for a long wait. Oh she said - you need to book in - you can't just sit down. Hello??? - why had she not told me that - I could not believe that she could have watched me come in - listened to me talk to Tom about his hair cut and what to ask for - and not think to mention that I needed to book. Perhaps I am an interferring person but I would never let some-one "do the wrong thing" like that. So I went over to the reception desk - only to be told I was too late - they weren't accepting any more "bookings". After some controlled breathing I managed to get out of the shop without blowing my top.

We then went to shop number two - which was closed (had they heard we were coming?). By this time my temperature was rising - this hair would be cut ....

Walking past another hairdressers I spotted the "appointment not always necessary" sign and strode in pulling Tom along in my wake. The place was empty of customers and after a few minutes of consideration - careful looking at the appointment book - the answer came that they could fit us into their busy schedule. We explained what we were after and I went to sit down and relax. No sooner had I picked up a magazine - ok 5 minutes later - I was being a bit slow - he was finished - and yes he was sort of smiling. I think it looked shorter - he certainly won't be burdened by people continually saying "you've had your hair cut".

How much I said. After some more deliberation - and enquiries about his age (not sure why that mattered) it was decided that the cost was going to be £12. This seemed to be outrageous in terms of cutting time spent - they must charge for deliberation time as well.

So then the great dilemma - do I complain - swiftly I had to weigh up the facts:
  • I always complain - I have reputation to think of
  • £12 is a lot, for what we got (that rhymes)
  • Tom would not be happy - and he did seem happy with what they had done / not done (delete as applicable)

.... So I paid and made a mental note to self - to ensure I pre-empt the vague possibility that one day - perhaps in 3 months time - he might again utter those dreamed of words - I need my hair cut.


painting partner said...

Good luck for 3 months time.

however in a perverse way I am hoping for a repeat as it was a good read.

Sue said...

Sounds like quite a traumatic day! Next time, just hack, (oops, I mean cut) it yourself!

Mof2 said...

Thanks for the advice and good luck - it is already looking like it could do with another cut!!