Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out with the old ....

M&S were holding a special 20% off homes stuff yesterday. As soon as I found this out I had a burning desire to go there and make a purchase. At the back of my mind I had decided that we needed new plates etc. Nothing fancy – just an everyday set to replace the ones that are gradually getting chipped and manky. I knew that if I mentioned this to hubby he would try and put me off. He hates shopping so I was going on my own and decided that if I just went and bought something it would be too late for him to argue.

So off I go – chose a set – very reasonable – also very heavy. Dragged them back to the car – arms now an inch longer than before. Get them home – run the gauntlet of the “what have you done that for?” and the “there’s nothing wrong with the old ones” – and start to unpack them straight into the dishwasher for the inaugural wash. First plate in – hit a snag - they were too big for the dishwasher! Pack it all up again – very disappointed. Hubby sees the boxes back in the bag and thinks he has won. But oh no – by now I needed new plates if that was the last thing I did – straight back to M&S (with strong son this time to help with heavy lifting) choose another set – slightly smaller (but no lighter) and head back home again – feeling very pleased.

Back home – whip off the labels quickly – and put it all in the dishwasher – before he has a chance to say anything. Now they are mine!!

All was going well until friend pops in for cup of tea. Hubby comes down and starts to unload dishwasher, notices the new additions and starts a mini chunter – what was wrong with the old ones etc. I try and point out the positive aspects of the shiny new crocks when friend joins in with him! “Did you need new” she says, “I like the old ones”.

Still I am very pleased with my purchases (which were also quite a bargain of course). Cooked a feast last night so we could all admire new crocks with food on – and even he admitted it was an improvement on the old. Result!


Sue said...

He should be lucky you didn't get a bigger dishwasher to fit the plates in!

painting partner said...

It's all in the presentation.

good for you

I'm still fighting the 'Do you want a holiday next year?' battle

Mof2 said...

PP: you haven't been on this year's yet! I always wait til we are on our way home feeling sad there is nothing more to look forward to ... then open negotiations.

Mid-life - missed a trick there - mind you only just recovered from the trauma of him plumbing in the current one (2 years ago)