Sunday, May 21, 2006

Growing pains

It's something that all parents of teenagers have to face at some time or another - but yesterday was my first. We were having friends round for the evening and I was busying myself in the kitchen when Jack came in and asked if he could go to the cinema - his friend (who had recently passed his driving test) was going to take them. With friend on the other end of the phone I had to say yes or no quickly. I wasn't keen on the travel arrangements - but frankly couldn't think of a reason why not without seeming like some ridiculously over protective parent. So I said yes - then checked with hubby - didn't want him blaming me if something went wrong.

I think I have an overactive imagination - my thoughts went to the road he was going to drive down - a dual carriageway - could be very fast - driving conditions - rainy and dark - nervous new driver at the wheel. I told Jack to make sure he put on his seatbelt - and was rewarded with a rather withering look.

So I let him go - peeping out from behind the curtains to look for signs of dangerous driving by friend - not too easy to achieve in a small cul-de-sac! Then spent the rest of the evening wondering how he was getting on. The film seemed awfully long - he finally came home at 11.30 - had had a good time - no signs of whiplash or injury - and I have so far managed to resist the urge to close question him on friend's driving ability.

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Sue said...

I know - this is very worrying entrusting them into someone else's care. Me - I would probably have followed in my car a safe distance behind just to check everything was okay!