Thursday, May 25, 2006

A poem

I thought I would post one of my poems.
This one is called 'Waiting'

I sit in silence -
but is it?
My body is still but my senses strain to take in the signals of a world beyond the room.
Sounds seep in through the walls, under the door,
People talking, laughing, phones ringing,
Footsteps fast and slow,
Humming from the air conditioning.
Scratching of pencil over paper,
Heads bowed.
Thoughts and ideas captured on the page.
I feel I should do the same, but I can't
The paper in front of me is blank, the pen untouched.
Time's nearly up.
I can feel the tension in the air,
As I glance at the clock, a shiver of anticipation flows through my body.
Waiting nearly over.
"Put down your pens"
A sea of faces lift up like flowers to the sun,
My time has come.


Sue said...

That's really good but perhaps not so inspiring for those who are about to take exams *LOL*

Mof2 said...

It is supposed to give hope to exam takers - there is always some-one in the room more bored than you are!!!!