Thursday, November 02, 2006

Suefromengland asked me to do this about 3 months ago - always was rather slow but here goes...

Top three things that.....

scare me:
The dark (not good now the clocks have gone back)
Creepy films
Getting stuck under a boat (would that ever happen?)

make me laugh:
My family and friends
The people I work with

I hate:
Tony Blair and George Bush (ok so I don't know them but I don't like what they are doing)
Not being right!

I don't understand:
The political situation in Afghanistan
How this computer works
Why I'm the only one in the family who is able to load the dishwasher

I want to do do before I die:
Have a long and happy retirement
See a firework display at Sydney Harbour
Understand the political situation in Afghanistan (just joking)

I can:
Play the piano
Make my kids laugh (with me or at me I'm not sure)

I can't:
Ride a bike (honest I can't)
Swim more than a length of a very short pool
Forget all the bad things any-one has ever told me (and I mean all - that's some baggage!)

I'm listening to:
Tom talking to my mum on the phone
My tummy rumbling
Radio 5 live

I like to drink:
Coffee (with milk and sugar please)
Gin and tonic (if I'm feeling flash)

That's all folks....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along:

Swim more than a length of a very short pool -

I think that's called a width!

Mof2 said...

Yes - I am that very annoying person in the pool who insists on swimming widths when every one else is doing lengths!!