Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The latest idea to hit nurseries seems to be gym equipment for toddlers. I have watched the TV in disbelief, seeing 3 year olds 'working out' on mini treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes. Even more alarming than the equipment itself was the mum who welcomed it all saying that she was worried about her child becoming obese and this exercise should help him on the road to a healthy life.

Now I have nothing against gyms (don't feel the need to go there myself but whatever takes your fancy I say) but it is a well recorded fact that some people get addicted to the buzz they get from hard exercise. These mini treadmills come complete with distance monitors and calorie counters. Surely this is totally wrong to be encouraging children to think about exercise in this way at such a young age. What happended to good old running around.

Surely kids that age should get their exercise from active play not 'working out'? It seems to me it is a lazy way for adults to 'exercise' the kids rather than organsing proper activities for them.


Anonymous said...

I saw a bit of this myself and couldn't believe my eyes!!!

Whatever next! Exactly agree with you - it is just a very lazy way of an adult getting the kids to have a bit of exercise - what sort of example is that?!

Agree - whatever happened to taking the kids over to the park for a bit of "real" exercise or even in the back garden to kick a ball around.

Mof2 said...

Humm - agreed with you all the way until you said about kicking balls about - can't say that was ever one of my strengths!