Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I was on the London Underground this morning - the tube just came to my stop and as I got out I heard the alarm go off in the next carriage. I could see a very large rucksack on the seat with no owner.

All the people on that carriage piled off - at some speed.

What I found amazing was how the different people reacted next. Some just went into another carriage - as if to say - if it blows I'll be ok here and I don't want anything to disrupt my journey. The rest of the group stood on the platform pointing - probably the same distance to the suspect rucksack as they had been when they were on the train.

Me - I moved as fast as you can without breaking into an all out dash.....


Sue said...

ummm... not very fast then, lol.

Seriously, people never cease to amaze me... how did they think that just by moving a few feet they would be safe!

I guess you don't know what happened next? Whose bag it was?

Mof2 said...

I'll pass over the speed comment.
No idea what happended next - but by the time I got to ground level - a matter of seconds of course - the station controller was on the radio etc etc. On my return journey everything was back to normal.
On reflection I expect it is pretty much an every day occurence and regular commuters are used to it - just a novice like me who is more alarmed. Whether that is right or wrong I don't know.

painting partner said...

continue to be concerned please.