Sunday, June 25, 2006

Went on our first visit around a university yesterday. It only seems like yesterday that I was taking him round secondary schools. And hardly any time before that I was leaving him on his try out day at infants school.

This time you don't just need to get your head around the facilities and teaching on offer, it is also the accommodation. We went on a tour round some student halls of residence - which I am sure were of a very high standard - but seemed very plain and basic. I tried to big it up but not sure how convincing I was.

It is all very odd really - there can't be many other situations (other than going to prison) where you go along and are expected to live in close proximity to a number of other strangers, sharing bathroom facitilies and kitchens etc. But lots of people do it and I guess it is all part of being adaptable and flexible and all the other ..ble's that help us grow and develop into rounded human beings. (what an assumption that is!)

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