Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Having the last word ........

My youngest son can be very contrary. People say it is just a phase but it has lasted for 10 years - and he is only 12.
This conversation today sums him up.

I walk past him putting on his shirt - it is inside out.
Me: Your shirt's inside out.
Him: No it isn't
(he carries on putting it on - then realises it is (YES I am right!!) and takes it off.)
Me: You always have to disagree with me don't you.
Him: No I don't.

I rest my case.....


Anonymous said...

Yes I do!

painting partner said...

Women are from Venus. Men are from.....need I say more

Mof2 said...

You're right there PP - and living with 3 of them is not always easy!

A: we could slip into a pantomine moment here!

Anonymous said...

Oh no we couldn't..