Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I need some urgent advice. The children were given some sweets at the weekend - caramel with chocolate topping. Sadly they don't like them. Even sadder I do. I can't stop eating them. Large packet is nearly demolished.

The question is - is it better just to give in to temptation and eat the lot in one sitting - or try and ration them over, (well let's be realistic) two nights?

I seem to be favouring the 'eat them all in one go' tactic - but am I kidding myself that this is the best approach?

Think advice may be too late to help with this attack of the munchies but could steer me in the right direction in the future.


HawthornThistleberry said...

There's nothing in between "all at once" and "at a health-conscious pace" that makes sense. Since the latter is so unlikely and no fun, the former is all that's left.

Nobby said...

Share with friends. Trouble is they'll open a bottle of wine..

Sue said...

I'm all for the "All in one go" approach - however, try to do it energetically to burn off the calories as they are taken in - ie. throw sweet up in air and run around trying to catch in mouth.

Mof2 said...

Thanks for the sound advice - pleased to say all now eaten. Not too guilt ridden. Like the idea of energetic pigging out. No doubt will have a suitable occasion soon to try it out!