Sunday, June 18, 2006

I wouldn't describe myself as an ardent royalist but I do show a passing interest in what the royal family are up to - an interest that isn't shared by any other member of my family it seems.

I went to the East of England Show on Friday. My eldest son was playing in his school band so I went with a couple of friends to listen to them play and enjoy a day out looking at livestock (5 minutes) and the various stalls (5 hours) they have there. The weather was perfect and I had a great time.

A couple of hours after we came home, son mentioned that he had met Prince Edward earlier in the day. I was astounded he had not mentioned this before. It seems son was at the bakery stand filling in a kiddie's questionaire, when this group of dignatories came along. Son said he hadn't a clue who they were, his friend did slightly better and said she thought one was a member of the royal family. Prince Edward (sorry name dropping a bit now) said he had heard the band play earlier and thought they sounded good. They then had a little chat about the questionaire and whether son wasn't a bit too old to be taking part.

I was agog when he told me this. I'm very excited with his brush with royalty - well one us has to be. Slightly concerned by his lack of ability to spot one of the Queen's offspring. Perhaps this is a gap in his education - he's missed out on monarchy lessons somewhere along the way. I'll go and make up some flashcards now - and take remedial action.

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painting partner said...

Do you think he will put in good word with his Mum and get them to play next week at the grand garden party?