Monday, February 26, 2007

A Rude Awakening

What a start to the week!

I woke at 6.00am, heard a dripping sound, thought - Oh must be raining, should get that gutter fixed - then went back to sleep again.

At 6.30 hubby's alarm goes off - he gets up - half asleep still - and wanders into our ensuite. There he makes the alarming discovery that the dripping sound is not rain water but toilet water!

He calls me in (sounds calmer than it was) and I stumble in there to see what's going on. The sight before me is not a pretty one - toilet pan three quarters full with (thankfully) clear looking water. In our dazed states we survey the situation.

Then I say "why don't you flush it to see if that will sort it out"

OK - I said it - but he did it. (shared responsibility is so important in these times of crisis)

No sooner was the flush pulled then gallons (and I mean gallons) of water starter overflowing the sides.

A commotion then ensued - from which we gleaned the following learning points:-

1. A single flush of a toilet produces a suprising amount of water, which can move quicker than I can.
2. A tooth mug does not make a very effective bailer.
3. Towels are good at absorbing water but too many wet towels combined with a broken tumble drier can make for an interesting drying dilemma.
4. Teenage boys are not good at responding to clear, loud instructions early in the morning.
5. Aforementioned boys seem to have been napping in their "parts that make up a toilet" lessons and don't know what a cistern lid is.

Order was restored when hubby returned (with more towels and larger, more effective bailer) and turned off the water supply to the cistern.

We now have a very clean floor, which is a good thing, and a quite clean ceiling, which isn't so good....


Sue said...

"en suite" ooh you are sooo posh!

That was rather drastic action to give the floor a good clean!

Hopefully your problems have been resolved.

Mof2 said...

You know we are very posh - ha ha