Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm reading "In the Company of the Courtesan" by Sarah Dunant. I'm really enjoying it - although it is a book that requires a lot of concentration - not something I'm able to do very often. It is set in 16th Century Italy and is full of details about life in Venice at that time.

Well I presume it is historically accurate - although I'd only know if I read some historian saying it wasn't - not being an expert on Renaissance Italy myself.

My own novel is moving on slowly - fortunately it requires no research on my part - not that it is based on my own life or that of my friends and family, I must hastily point out. The problem I have is that I can think of some great bits to add in, exciting story lines, witty one liners, that sort of thing, but only when I am not able to write them down. Fantastic ideas come into my head when I'm walking round the shops or driving along a road. When I'm sat infront of my computer my mind goes blank. I think the only solution is to invest in a mini tape recorder. Problem with this is a) it would be another example of spending money rather than getting on and doing something and b) I think I'd look slightly more nutty than normal walking around talking to myself. Any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Ah, As I wandered around the Supermarket I thought people were talking into their bluetooth phones and all the time I was featuring in their next best seller!


Mof2 said...

You never know!
First time I saw some-one walking along talking on their phone with an ear piece I crossed over the road - it was most alarming.