Friday, February 02, 2007

Had to go to Milton Keynes, that well known home of confusing signposts, so decided to give hubbies new Sat Nav a trip out.

Things started well - it worked out a route and told me it would take 1 hour 18 mins to get there. Great thinks me - just in time for my meeting. Things went slightly awry when he (had to be set on a default man's voice didn't it) told me to turn left at the end of my road - and I'd have gone right - but I did as I was told. Soon I was scooting along the A1 - in the right direction which was a good sign.

I just couldn't get used to having this man shouting instructions at me. (not sure why that should be such a novelty!) If things went quiet I wondered if it had stopped working - then he'd say something and I'd jump out of my skin (every single time!!) There's me thinking hummm is it working, then AGGHH what's that he said??

Eventually he decided I needed to turn off the A1 onto some other road. It was his idea not mine but suddenly things started to go wrong. He didn't want me on that road - kept asking me to turn left in 80 yards - there was nowhere to turn - I'd have ended in a field if he had his way. Then he decided to re-calculate the route as things were not going to plan. He then tells me it will take 15,375 hours to reach my destination. WHAT!!!!

Anyway we worked through this little hiccup - I took control - and eventually he sorted himself out and when we finally got to MK he started to be a bit more helpful again.

He'd learnt the error of his ways - wish all men were that quick - and on the return journey he took me a completely different way. Far more scenic.

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Sue said...

Not only signposts but also roundabouts! May be that's what confused him. At least he admitted he was wrong and gave in.

BTW. Love your lion head counter.