Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flat packed furniture should be banned!

Hubby and I have just spent a sunny Sunday having a fight to near death, wrestling with various sizes of veneered MDF board to construct a set of drawers for our bedroom.  You might ask why we chose a sunny Sunday to do this but we actually bought the stuff about 6 weeks ago and have been working up the strength ever since to tackle the task.  It's some years since our Ikea flat pack days and to be honest I'd forgotten the horror that was awaiting us.
We started off enthusiastically but it wasn't long before I had to shut the windows to save the neighbours from the raised voices and choice vocabulary that we sank to.  Eventually after 3 and a half hours (yes honestly) we could sit back and view our handy work.  A very pleasing result - if you don't think too much about the rather alarming number of nuts and bolts left over!!! 

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