Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Had a great conversation with a call centre adviser yesterday.  I was ringing to let them know that eldest son had graduated - was no longer a student - and therefore shouldn't be listed as this on the car insurance schedule.  After running through a vigorous set of security questions - the only thing they didn't seem to want to know was the length of my middle toe - I explained why I was calling - a kind friend had told me that if the schedule wasn't completely accurate then the insurance company might wriggle out of paying up if we needed to make a claim.

So the conversation went something like this:

Me: I need to tell you my son is no longer a student and please can you alter my insurance schedule

Him:  Oh so why's he not a student?

Me: well he graduated yesterday.

Him: Oh so what's he doing now?

Me: well he has a summer job working in a call centre at the moment.

Him (whilst sniggering loudly):  Oh really, is he still working part time as an IT consultant.

Me:  No - that was last year's summer job - he doesn't do that anymore.

Him:  Well what is he doing now part time?

Me: Nothing he is working full time in a call centre.

Him:  Oh so is he a student part time?

No: He graduated - no longer a student - just one full time job for the time being.

Him: Well I need to replace his part time job - hold on a minute.

Put on hold for a few minutes

Him: I'll put him down as a part time housekeeper.

Me: Why on earth would you do that?

Him: Well I need to put something down - don't worry housekeepers don't do anything.

Me: Well I don't know what any other housekeepers would be too pleased to hear that!!

By this time he had worn me down - so son is officially listed as a part time housekeeper - I'll remind him of that next time the washing up needs doing!!

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