Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I have always had a bit of a thing about bags - and now a whole new outlet has opened up to me - the eco friendly bag for life. I have so many of the things that I am in danger of creating my own personal environmental disaster.

I have an impressive stock of supermarket plastic bags for life - mainly due to the fact that everytime I go to the shops I leave them in the boot of my car - so then have to buy a few more as I don't want to be seen with those evil normal carriers.

But my main problem is the canvas / cotton bags. If I see a new design I can't resist getting it. I was at work the other day when some-one came in with one from their local co-op. Not a store that was local to me but at lunch time off I went (in my car - never mind the carbon footprint) on the pretence of buying a sandwich. Another one to add to the collection.

I queued, in the rain, for ten minutes for a bag that was being given away at my local shopping centre. I bought a very special one for a friend's birthday and I had to speak severely to myself to give it to her as I was so keen on keeping it for myself.

Today I saw the bag of bags - canvas - not advertising anything - decorated with green flowers - I couldn't quite pluck up the courage to ask the owner where she got it from - but one thing's for sure - I WANT THAT BAG.

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Bea said...

and I thought that you were a shoe-aholic!