Thursday, May 22, 2008

The men folk are watching a film about robots. They tried to tell me what was happening but it was all too confusing and anyway the whole film seemed to be in the dark and I couldn't see what was going on. They assured me there was some love interest (my key criteria for sticking with a film) but then let slip it was man with robot who only lives for 4 years - or some such nonsense.

Thursday night TV is poor. I usually get by because Wednesday is extra good and the video has been working overtime. But yesterday was silly champions league football so that messed things up. Football is going to mess up next Wednesday's telly too. Got to remember to watch the Apprentice on Tuesday instead. That will really throw the routine.

The Apprentice is best thing on telly at the moment. What I do find baffling - with this and other programmes - is that they don't seem to have watched the series before. For example - yesterday they were making an advert - previous series they were doing a similar thing and I seem to remember that the ones before fell foul of making an ad where no-one knew what was being advertised. Another programme - How To Look Good Naked - at the end of the programme Gok gets them walking down a catwalk in some shopping centre - and taking off their clothes. What a shocker - er no - that's precisely what they did in the last series.

Anyway - I'm putting a 50p bet on Lucinda to win. She'll probably get fired next week now I said that.

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