Monday, August 27, 2007

I've deleted this post so many times that blogger will be wondering what's going on. He'll need to buy a new eraser. Was going to blog about my lovely holiday in Cornwall, but whilst it was so very lovely it was also wrapped up in the trauma I am going through with my poor Dad who has been unwell and is now in a nursing home.

I then started a post on guilt - linked to the Dad situation. Hubby read it and said I need to have a stiff gin. Good idea but it is only 5.30 in the afternoon and too early even for me.

So I'll tell you about my day. It's bank holiday and we have had a lovely day. Went for a walk from Stamford to Easton on The Hill. A circular route that was supposed to include a pub lunch. I messed that one up - marched us all out of one pub as I thought the other one in the village would be better - only to find the other one had actually closed down. Third pub didn't serve food, so we went hungry - not that it mattered.

On holiday I had great idea for a website. Decided on a good name and could hardly wait to get home to register it and get started. How spooky to find that MY name has been registered by some-one - whilst we were away on holiday. Now think my holiday cottage must have been bugged. Not that I'm paranoid or anything...

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