Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I went on a trip to Slough today. I've never been before so my impression of the place was based the Slough of Despond (I know it's nothing to do with the place but hey!) and what I'd seen in The Office.

Trusty sat nav got me there - but as soon as we approached the town centre it started ordering me to turn round at the next available opportunity. It obviously wasn't happy that I had reached my destination.

I found the office I was visiting, tried to cross the road to reach it but nearly got run over by two red BMW's doing a bit of boy racing. On my way out I got mixed up - fortunately not literally - with two policemen trying to bundle a suspect into the back of a police van.

I was glad to get back to my car - although I was stopped in the car park by a man asking for my unexpired parking ticket - a request I didn't feel able to refuse. This was followed by a close encounter with a traffic warden so I ended up the one making a quick getaway!

On the way home sat nav decided on a scenic route which took me past a sign for a community orchard. What is a community orchard, because I'd like my community to have one.

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