Saturday, July 22, 2006

The importance of being...

I was sitting having breakfast with my son this morning in a coffee shop in town. A couple came and sat down at the next table. I didn't take much notice of them at first - except to clock that he was dressed like a middle aged man in the first flush of mid-life crisis.

He then proceeded to have a ridiculous conversation with his wife which was clearly 100% for our benefit rather than hers. He started on a loud discussion on politics - giving her the benefit of his opinion of the current government and the state of the opposition.

He then went on to tell her about how he would be finished designing the missile programme by Christmas and that they had had a lovely holiday in Mauritius and would soon be off to the Maldives.

I was determined not to show I was listening - but did want to laugh. He went on and on telling her things she must have already known about their super lifestyle. It was so unnatural I couldn't believe it. She kept trying to bring the conversation back to the more mundane.

Eventually they left - him striding off with jumper slung over his shoulders and sunglasses on head. She was clearly not having a mid life crisis - but I'm sure if he carries on like this for much longer she will be having an entirely different sort of crisis.

I would love to know what was going on between them.


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painting partner said...

The above comment must have been posted by mid-life crisis man!

Mof2 said...

Ohh has he tracked me down!!

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