Sunday, July 30, 2006

Holiday Holiday Holiday fun....

Gosh that takes me back to .....

Anyway we are off on holiday on Wednesday. As per my usual organised self I am working up to the last minute and have piles of washing and ironing to be done - with no time to do it.

The family are now entering the critical pre holiday stage where nothing can be worn that will be going with us. As our wardrobes are modest in size this is quite difficult and the next two days will see us sporting some interesting combos I fear. The ideal scenario is for the weather at home to be totally different from anticipated weather away. But in truth this is rare - so it will be a case of delving into the back of the wardrobe to pull out a rarely seen offering to wear.

Frankly I don't know why I pack so much as in truth we usually seem to wear the same things everyday - and bring back half the stuff untouched. (I can imagine our holiday chums shrinking with horror if they read this!). I didn't realise this was the case until my mother looked through our holiday snaps one year and remarked that we seemed to be doing an awful lot in one day as number 2 son always had the same clothes on. This year I am determined that we will all wear everything that is taken - even if it means some quick clothe changes on the last day to catch up.

Tomorrow is my birthday - and having flicked through a couple of random blogs I notice it is already tomorrow in some parts of the world - so I'm off for a birthday drink! Can't possibly iron on my birthday - can I?

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