Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Father's Day - and the first one since my dear old dad died. So it's been particularly poignant. Just writing this made me think about Father's Days we have shared in the past and whilst I've always made a point of visiting him either on the day or that weekend I honestly can't recall any special times. In some respect this makes me feel a bit bad - but I think the reason is that we shared lots of good times together (what ever the day) - when we would laugh and joke about silly things - that one day a year wasn't so important.

To be honest he was always the sort of dad who was quite suprised to find out it was "his day" - not one to follow the adverts for cheesey CD's and the such like.

We went out for lunch today for my hubbie - a indian buffet which is his favourite. My dad would have loved it too - so that was fitting.

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