Sunday, January 21, 2007

I hate shopping for food so have made it more bearable by analysing the contents of other people's shopping trollies. I like to look at the food they are buying and then decide if the owner matches up to my expectations.

When I get tired of this I look to see if there are any trollies I'd like to do a swap with - - there usually are but the owners hang on tight when they see me eyeing it up. Yesterday I was in a hurry and in no mood for games. I raced up and down the aisles - lobbing in stuff as if there was about to be an imminent food shortage.

I was actually rather proud of my pickings - no treats - just the necessities. Hoped some-one was taking note as I would have come out rather well. In fact the thoughts of appearing on some healthy eating programme, proudly showing off the lovely contents of my fridge rather distracted me and I forgot to pick up some milk. Had to leave my trolley to get it. When I got back my trolley was no-where to be seen. In it's place was one filled with all sorts of naughty things. I looked up and down the aisle and the ones either side. I had only been gone about 1 minute so whoever had taken it couldn't have got far - unless they were taking part in a trolley dash - in which case they would have been a bit disappointed with their winnings!

I did consider just swapping trollies and quickly making for the checkout with all this booty I was left with. The kids would have thought it was Christmas again. But just then a man appeared - very apologetic - he'd mistakenly taken mine. Quite how he could have done that I don't know - his was overflowing with cakes, coke and lovely looking ready meals - mine was fruit and veg, lean meat and not a treat in sight.

He seemed a bit perplexed by my reluctance to hand his shopping over - I'll have to be quicker next time.

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