Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year ....

... bit late I know - and it isn't because I have only just surfaced from too much celebrating!

Actually the one thing I hate about a new year is the way you have to say "HNY" to every-one you see, for at least 2 weeks. It gets very tedious.

Don't want to start the new year on a rant but while I'm at it I also don't like new year resolutions. Think that this is due to the general lack of will power - I'm hopeless at sticking to anything so why should I be any different at new year.

Have been to the sales - not to look at clothes as frankly I can't stand rummaging through a load of tat in the hope of finding something decent. My favourite thing is to buy a stock of presents for the year to come.

Today I came across a cracker of a bargain - casino set thingy reduced from £49.50 to £9 . I was so excited I wanted to clear the shelves and buy the lot. Had to have a strict talk with myself and rationed my purchases to two, which was all I could feasibly carry at the time.

The problem with buying bargains like this is that it does look like it cost a lot more than the £9 it did. So you give it some-one you'd normally spend £10 on and they feel awkward as they only spent £10 on you OR you give it to some-one you would spend more on and you feel guilty as you know it didn't cost much.

I exchange presents with a friend and we never seem to co-ordinate in what we give each other. One year I buy her jolly socks and she gives me some gorgeous Moulton Brown body lotion. Next year I buy her a pashmina thing and she gets me a bottle of wine. This year it was wellie boot liners from me and White Company smellies from her.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - I don't do so well with advance gift buying - I always forget I have bought something already and end up buying something else as well - thereby costing twice as much and leaving lots of leftover "bargains" that I forget to give to anybody!