Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Feeling Festive

Not like me at all - usually takes weeks to get in the mood (and wow does he moan about it) but this year I am feeling festive and it's only December 6th!

Yesterday we had an office christmas lunch in Covent Garden - had to go on a browse round the shops afterwards (the things you do in the line of duty!). Everything was so christmassy (is that a word?) I felt like bursting into a quick round of Good King Wenceslas. Fortunately for the people I was with I managed to restrain myself.

Even the people on the train seemed perkier than normal - two actually spoke to me!!!!

We've had our first mince pies of the season - Tom had to eat two to be sure he doesn't like them. He is banned from them now until he reaches the age of majority (21 in our house) as he wastes them by scooping out the insides and eating the pastry.

Had 3 Christmas cards - very exciting (normally I am not exicited by a card but I am this year - what is happening to me??) This is a bit of a problem as I had decided not to send any this year and send an email with a charity pledge instead - but once you start to get some in it seems mean not to return the gesture. Will have to think about this one.

School christmas concert tomorrow - no nativity to cry over any more but I am sure I will shed a tear when Tom starts playing his trombone (it is an eye watering sound at the best of time - only joking Tom!)

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