Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In an effort to encourage independence I have persuaded Jack to cook our evening meal tonight. He's 17 and off into the bright wide world next year (fingers crossed).

It is supposed (I mean going) to be prawn risotto. He has made Spaghetti Bolognese before (the made up/chuck everything into a pan version that is) - but this is his first time at following a proper recipe. You'd think that was easier but he does seem to have some problems following instructions (as if I didn't know this already!)

So who knows what it will turn out to be. It is a microwave recipe and as I write this I can hear some dinging which means something is going on. Whatever it turns out like I know number two son won't like it. He is turning into something of a faddy eater. I thought these things were supposed to get better as they get older but not in our house hold.

I can now getting cooking aromas - another positive sign (I think)

We have had a bit of a debate in the house about the current trend towards obesity - 1 in 3 being obese in the next 10 years. Spurred us on to go on a bike ride in the rain. Perhaps this meal will help too - OOOHHH that is mean mum talking.

I'll let you know how it tasted tomorrow - provided we are still standing.....

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Sue said...

Prawn Risotto, lovely. Hope it went well!