Saturday, April 22, 2006

A hair-raising thought

All the UK papers seem to be taken up by the news that Cherie Blair ( as in wife of Tony) spent £7700 on hairdressing during last year's election campaign. The costs mounted up after she apparently paid a personal hairdresser £275 a day for a month.

Clearly Cherie's appearance is closely scrutinised and I expect the same papers that remark on the bill would have been quick to remark if she had appeared in the least bit disheveled. It has however made me reflect on my own personal hair care and whether I should be adopting a more high maintenance approach. Currently I run to an 8 weekly wet cut costing £12 coupled with a bottle of hair dye (£3.77) applied at about the same 8 weekly interval. If I am really trying to look good I might co-ordinate the two events - but that's rare.

Why do women in their 40's feel the need to cover the grey - men seem to let it go and - damn them - look great on it. And if you succumb to the bottle - when do you stop and how? I can't recall seeing any 60 year olds walking around with their roots growing out - is there some place they go for 6 months whilst it is all happening?

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Mrs C Booth said...

LOL. Book me in at your hairdressers please ..... Could save Tony (and the tax payers) a fortune!