Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've made a new best friend.

We have just got a new computer and it's down to me to set it up. Things got off to a shaky start when I thought they hadn't supplied the right cable to link the old monitor with the new base unit. A bit of rummaging in the box and I found it.

Then had to link up broadband. Sounds easy - what happened to plug and play?

First call to the ISP helpline told me I needed a new disc to set up my modem. This would be sent to me. Three days (and some very annoyed members of my family) later it arrived and I was sent off to set it up. It didn't work. So I rang the helpline again. Got a very nice man on the other end of the phone who patiently talked me through the process. I say patiently - it took 45 minutes to sort out. But finally all was working - hurrah!

Silly old me thinks that if it works once it will work again. Wrong. On phone again - and after pressing about 38 buttons to get the right option I get the same nice man again. Oh said me I think I spoke to you yesterday. I could hear him sigh - yes I think you did. He tried to palm me off onto the internet help options but I had none of it!

Think he may be booking leave for the rest of the week...

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Bea said...

why is it that computers take up so much time when they are meant to be a time saving device?