Friday, March 30, 2007

I think one of the most entertaining programmes on TV at the moment is Chaos at the Chateau - on Channel 4, Thursdays. It really is proving to be my own personal TV highlight of the week.

It's about a couple who have bought a derelict Chateau in Slovakia with the view to renovate it and open a boutique hotel. The fact that neither of them have experience of renovating a property or running a hotel does not stop them in their quest and to give them credit the place inside does look stunning.

There's some very clever editing going on to make the programme as entertaining as possible - some of which you have to take tongue in cheek - like the bit when the only time they can view a flat to rent is whilst she is having her hair highlighted so she has to race around the streets of Bratislava with a tinfoil head.

Last night they were trying to find prospective staff to run the hotel, using some interview techniques that certainly hadn't come out of any HR handbook. The final decision to recruit seemed to rest on the applicant's star sign - a technique I might adopt if it works as it would be lot quicker than some of the interviews I've sat through lately!

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Bev said...

It sounds like my kind of programme too. Will add it to the series link much to hubby's disgust