Saturday, September 16, 2006

I came across some-one at work called Mr Weighty. As soon as I heard his name I conjured up a none too flattering picture of what he might look like. I haven't met him yet and hope I don't, as if he is fat or thin I'll probably laugh.

It made me think about the influence our names have on us. I'm reading Gentleman and Players by Joanne Harris, and the main character describes some of his collegues by his view of their character - so there's a Mr Meek, a Mr Keane etc. In reality I think that if you had a name like that you would strive to be neither it nor the exact opposite. Mr Cash wouldn't want to be flash with his money or accused of being mean. Mrs Cross would try to avoid arguements. Mr Christmas would avoid growing a bushy beard and laughing. Mrs Sadd would try and keep smiling (but not too much)

Think this may be the answer to my diet problems - going to change my name by deed poll to Mrs Lardy.


painting partner said...

You may be on to something there. I will have to become Mrs Boozey

Sue said...

Names are such funny things, they are like a label and you judge people by their name - even though they have no control over them as its the parents that are to blame(unless they change them by deed poll).

I came across a case the other day where the parents had called their baby: Ocean Rose - now come on, for goodness sake - do you think she was conceived on a ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Isle of Wight!?

Mof2 said...

LOL I dread to think what led up to her being saddled with a name like that.